15cm paper Card Recipe, makes 7 Cards!

I know what it is like to try & find some quick & easy layouts, plus to then try & work out what paper to use or the other way round! Too hard I say!! Anyway I have put this together to help you out so I hope this comes in handy for further carding session you plan on!

You Need: 2 x different patterned papers, base card, card to stamp on, stamps, inks & embellishments! Please note that you can use plain coloured papers or card instead of patterned & backing cards!

 Measurement List:
Please note that the sides of the above image have been cut off however they are 15cm as this is the edge of the paper on all sides.

A panel = 2.5cm (across)  by 15cm (down)

B panel = 1.2cm (across)  by 15cm (down)

C panels = 5.7cm (across)  by 5cm (down)

D panel = 3.3cm (across)  by 10.2cm (down)

E panel = 8.2cm (across)  by 5cm (down)

Here are the Layouts Below!

Layout 1 with panel A & B.

Layout 2 using two E panels.

Layout 3 with panel D &E.

Layout 4 using two C panels.

Layout 5 with panel D &E (alternated the papers!).

Layout 6 with panel A & B.

Layout 7 using two C panels.

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