Base Card Formats

This is a side step card which was scaled down to fit a A5 envelope so it able to post. Measurements to follow soon!
Again another side step card using different elements.
This is an esal card which was also scaled down to fit an A5 envelope, however it does give a smaller working area to use but effective all the same.

This is a slide esal card which has a peice of card at the back which you can pull to make the front of it to rise. Again keeping to the fit of a A5 envelope!

Front on view!

This is a tri fold shutter card which really has four folds to make it however it is based on the fold of the surfaces that you work on.This one is also great to use up any narrow or thin strips of paper you have left over to cover the panels! Again applied the A4 sizing for an envelope.

This is called a swing card & as the name sugests it does "swing" around to show what os the back of that peice of card. Also stuck to the A5 size to fit an envelope!

Here I have showed it at half way just so you can get the idea of it!

Here it is at full reverse swing & there you have it!

This is a gate fold card & as the name says it all "opens like a pair of garden gates". This allows you to over lap images to hide the cut in the middle. So there lots of layouts you can design for this type of base format! Here too I stuck with the A5 sizing for envelopes!

This is a slide card which can be made landscape or potrait to suit your creativity! Simply slide the insert in & out to read the message written! These are great for something a little different! Also in A5 sizing to fit the envelope!
This is called a double sliding card or a push & pull card! It does as it sugests when you pull at one end the other end pops out as well! You can do this card as a landscape or portrait way which ever suits your style! There a few layouts which you can play around with as you have a large area to create on!Here too I have stayed with A5 size for an envelope!

This is just to show it closed !